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Dr. Christine Hiler's Sports Psychology Articles
Summer Training Edge

Summer is an exciting time for gymnasts. Summer is when the focus of practice turns toward developing new skills. Most gymnasts will tell you that they do gymnastics because it is "fun." If you ask them to define "fun" they will probably communicate something along the line of "being with my friends and getting new skills." This means that summer is the season to renew your gymnast's spirit and enthusiasm for her sport.

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Tips for Maximizing Competition Success

How many times have you seen a gymnast execute near perfect skills or routines during practice and then a competition comes along and you wonder how you could be watching the same athlete? The ability to complete skills in a competition the way a gymnast is able to do them during practice when she is physiologically relaxed, yet in a focused state of mind is crucial to developing and maximizing success in the sport of gymnastics. The following tips provide a few ideas on how to support your gymnast in achieving and maintaining this state of mind.

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Sports Psychology Montage: 

This video features the story of a young gymnast who struggles with a lack of confidence and commitment. Through the use of sports psychology tools and techniques she works through her struggles to earn success and pride at the end of her journey.

Click the link below to watch her story.

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